Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monster High Cupcake Tower

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Ooh Gothic little brats! That's what the lady at the craft store told me when I asked her if they had any Monster High items. I just laughed but this is what I came up with, I must have been on the creative side that day. Small 6 inch cake on top and 24 cupcakes, with a ribbon around the edge to match the decor. I used stickers and little erasers that were hot glued around the foam boards to decorate it since there really isn't any Monster High cake decorations. It really has been awhile, happy to be back. Feel free to send me an email with questions. As you can tell I don't post often, not that I don't do any cakes, I'm just so busy working. But I'm bringing cake back! Yeah.

Minion Cake

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Here's my little guy. Initially when I made him he had no arms. I forgot it had arms. I arrive to work with it and my co-worker friend says, "He's cute but he's armless!" After laughing and feeling real dumb I gave him arms and...viola! Sorry he's in a box but I still think he's adorable. Had fun making this lil guy. I didn't use cake for him since he was a cake topper and a big one too, I made him out of Rice Krispie treats and just 3 layers of fondant.

Maria's Wedding Cupcake Tower

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I made this last year for her wedding and didn't have a nice clear picture to post. So now I am finally posting it after she sent me these nice photos. I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese butter cream icing. The flowers on the small cake are fresh flowers but the spray on the side are silk, I was able to match them pretty close so the blended well. So here it is hope you like it.

Baby Shower Converse cake

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Simple baby shower cake for a family friend. This was actually my first attempt at gum paste converse. I knew what the shoe looked like just couldn't figure out to put it together. Somehow, it came together and this is what it turned out like. I must say next time they will be alot cuter. Baby rattle, hat, onsie and pacifier were made from gumpaste also. By the way, I love the CK Product gumpaste mix! It does not dry out and crumble smooth and so pliable. I will post the link if you are interested in a template for converse. There are several templates out there but I will post the one I used, you might have to enlarge or zoom before you print to get the size shoe you want. Thanks for looking.

Yo Gabba Gabba

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It's been a long while, I almost forgot how to blog.....and make cakes! Whoosh with that said, I recently made this, Yo Gabba Gabba cake, for a kids birthday party. I knew nothing about the characters, but I was emailed a similar picture of it and just worked from there. I still think the cake looks.......different, almost not right but she loved it and that's all that counts. I'm pretty sure you have all seen similar and nicer ones online but I didn't have the opportunity to make gum paste characters. Piping the butter cream on the green character made the carpal tunnel flare up,  really made me realize how far away I had gone from making cakes. (Chuckle)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chocolate crib cake

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Here's my most recent cake order done for a baby shower over the weekend. It was a, tres leches cake, filled with peaches and whipped cream. I was hesitant about using this mold with chocolate but I felt it was much easier and faster drying than gum paste, best part is that she can eat it when she's done with the cake. I also made a little baby outfit out of gum paste, bib, beanie, baby blanket and tiny booties. It was a very simple cake but I usually like to airbrush whipped cream cakes just because I can't use fondant on these cakes but they were very happy with the results and ate all of the leftovers.

Sorry I haven't been posting any recipes or even pictures but I have been so busy with work and no time to really bake. Believe me I miss it soooo much!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Imara's wedding cake

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I just made this cake for a cousin's wedding this weekend. Colors were plum and sage green. Had a really hard time getting that color in gum paste to make flowers so I decided to so silk flowers on the cake instead. Bottom layer was vanilla cake with raspberry mousse, chocolate with Bailey's coffee cream and top layer was red velvet with cream cheese. All cakes were covered in fondant. Now the stand is something I'm working on, I will be making these as custom orders for anyone who is interested in cake and cupcake stands. Pretty soon I will be posting some more pictures of the different stands to give you guys a better idea on what they will look like.


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