Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Giddy up

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I love this mini cake. Maybe it's the colors ...no...maybe because it's small. I don't know I just really like it.....oh I know it's the whole cowgirl idea.....yeah maybe one day I'll have some pink cowboy boots and ride like a cowgirl.... Yeee haw. Ok, I had nothing else to do so I made it. I'd been wanting to try my new mini pans and didn't really know what I wanted to do. So this is what just popped in my head. It's 2 mini cakes all covered in fondant so are the little accessories. I tried to make it look cute and girly and I think I pulled it off. So I had to make a matching cookie, of course little pink & tan (embossed) cowboy boots uh maybe it's cowgirl boots. Someone correct me! Anyhow wasn't that hard to do took me about 15 minutes....hmmm can you tell. Maybe you can, was just in a rush to do something for a spare 1/2 hour that I had free. Well you got the point. Hope you like it as much as I do. Yeeeh haaaw! lol

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Empanadas

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These are addictive little things, you just want to eat one after another. They are the easiest thing to make too. I will post recipe so you can make them and let me know what you think. I filled them with strawberry preserves, that's all I had at the moment but you can fill them with anything. We call them empanadas or turnovers same thing. I don't fry them. I know some do me...I bake.. I love to bake. Ok so here's the recipe.
2 cups flour
1 stick of butter (softened)
1 8 oz. box of cream cheese (softened)
1 tsp. fruit preserve
To make the dough you need to combine all three ingredients and knead for about 3-5 minutes until well mixed. Dough should be soft not sticky. Break it up in 3 parts and roll out aprox. 3/16 inch thick (like a thick flour tortilla). Using a tall drinking glass or a 3"round cutter cut your circles, fill with 1 tsp of fruit preserve of your choice (apricot, pineapple, strawberry...) fold in half and use fork to close pushing down to crimp. Preheat oven to 375. Place on ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 20 min. As soon as they come out of oven you can dip them in, granulated sugar while hot (optional).
I told you they were the easiest thing and you don't need a ton of ingredients. Enjoy!

Mario's back again.

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My camera wasn't working so this is a picture that Rosita took and I stole from her my space. They loved it and that's what counts. Cake was 2 tier, top was vanilla cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries and bottom cake was chocolate with whipped cream and bananas. Little story behind it.Here we go....I had went to sleep at 3 am Sunday morning working on Mario and other little things, so I set my cell alarm so I wouldn't wake anyone at 6am. I figured I'd get some 3 hours of sleep, well I don't know how crazy I slept but my phone was under my back and the alarm never went off. So...I woke up to the morning sun in my face at 8am (nice sleep hhhmm....snore) and was real behind because we were supposed to leave my house to the bay area at 9am. Didn't happen! My little one decided he's was going to stick his finger in my already iced smooth cake...aaarrrrgh! I am going ballistic and late...... I begin to fix the cake and finally start to put my top tier on when ......yeah how'd you guess...it fell over and messed up by bottom and ruined my top. I was just about ready to give up on cakes. In my rush to scream and run off like those crazy runaway brides, I break a glass cup spill what's in it all over the floor. SHOOT ME PLEASE!!!! Well just thinking about it erks me but it turned out and we were late to work but the cake arrive in one piece after gluing it together with Crazy glue for a 2 hour drive. lol I'm just kidding. Well it turned out, let's put Mario to rest for a while...please. Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mario in DEMAND!

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This is a another Mario order. Now everywhere I look I see Mario. lol I made 25 Mario cookies. I really need to find a cutout for this little guy. I used several different cutters to get different shapes until I came up with this. Time consuming little things, but I think they're turning out better as we go along. Believe it or not, I used a flower cutter for his mustache, small oval cutter for nose, round 2" cutter for face and hat, a Wilton tip for eyes, a small heart cut in half for ears. The "M" I wrote with royal icing. It's a No Fail Sugar cookie recipe which you can find on Cake Central and Antonia 74 royal icing. I hope this is the last week of Mario Bros, I would like to see new things come my way. I guess I shouldn't complain I should be happy to be busy. I will post the 2 tier cake for the same party tomorrow not done yet, actually haven't even started it. Long night.... gotta go. Thanks for looking.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mario & Luigi cake & cupcakes

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These were time consuming little things because all the cutting is freehand, but I like the bright colors. I made 36 cupcakes and a 10" cake. It was for my husbands cousins two little boys she decided to celebrate both her boys birthdays in one. So we made Mario & Luigi. The characters were made with fondant and a little tylose, I can never get the gum paste to do wonders for me. It dries out and then cracks. I tried Sweetex for the first time and I'm so happy. It so much easier to smooth onto cake, I really love it. I figured my last cake was made of fondant but not everyone likes fondant, so I settled on butter cream and it worked! Well not much more to say about the cakes. Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Louis Vuitton diaper bag cake

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It's one of those, "I wish I has a real one," things. This is my version of a Louis Vuitton cake that my sissy in law's supervisor ordered. It was a surprise cake so it's actually small, more of a decorative purpose because they ordered another cake to eat. Not that my cakes aren't good...but because it was a surprise. Now I am not a big fan of fondant as I have mentioned before but this is good stuff. I bought some caramel vanilla swirl marshmallows and made the fondant out of that on a marble cake. It's like eating dulce de leche. It's sooo good! Maybe it's just me!?^%$#@ No really.......sooooooo good. Louis design monograms were hand painted with gold luster and Tequila...sorry didn't have Vodka. It's just as good. Freehand work because I didn't have any fancy stencils or stuff like that. I think that's what took the longest. Baby's name is going to be Tristen and his theme is turtles and starfish, in light green and blue. So we incorporated those on the cake. Blanket has a turtle and I made some star toys and put them in side pocket. Little beanie has a star on it too. And last but no least his name on the blanket.

Raider's football cake

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Not a fan at all, but I do love cake. You know, I'm like the fat kid that loves cake...any kind as long as it's CAKE. With the exception that I really am fat and can't live without cake. True confession. lol I made this cake for my sister's cousin-in-law. He's a true die hard Raider fan. I mean from having your whole master bedroom decorated in black and grey and queen bedspread is even Raiders. That's awful. Well football cake is covered in fondant and made it look as if it's on grass (butter cream). That's it nothing special.....can you tell? No secret tips.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Talk all you want....

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Hello.....hello. Well it's a cake not a phone, no it's a cake phone....ok forget it, it's an iphone cake. I made this for my boss's son who by the way works for Apple and designed some of the games that are on this thingy. His favorite cake was lemon poppy seed and that's what he got covered in vanilla black fondant, which I'm sure everyone had a black mouth when they were done eating it. I took this picture with my cell phone. Camera not working at the moment, maybe it's time for a new one. Everything's edible. I just bought my printer and some edible ink and have been making things like crazy. I almost used up using all my edible paper getting to use the darn things, but as you can see it works. Wasn't as hard as it looks actually a simple pleasant cake to make, the most important thing is they loved it. And that made all the difference.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey puppy.......

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This was a different cake experience. I'd never made a dog shaped cake before so this was a first. It's supposed to be, Lily, his french bulldog. This cake was for a doctor I work for, he was surprising his wife for her birthday. Well we started off with a scratch orange cake and creme bouquet butter cream filling. It reminds me of a orange creamsicle....mmm. Anyhow the carving part of the cake was tricky but I managed, she's edible just the head and legs aren't but her chubby little body are. I used a styrofoam head to make it light and tilted his head a bit to make her look at you like a dog does when you talk to it. For the legs I used pillars wrapped in fondant and she's sitting on her back ones. Made a pink leash around her neck and gave her a black star tag, I forgot to write her name on it, but we all know who she's supposed to look like. I then placed her on a round board and piped grass to make her look like she's sitting on the grass. Thanks for looking and hope you like her!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rita's Teapot

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I was finally able to upload this picture. My camera wasn't working so Olivia took the picture on her cell phone, if it doesn't look to clear you know why. I made this for one of favorite nurses where I work part time. She's a big tea drinker (Earl Grey) of course. Well she was very surprised and never expected a cake like this. It made me happy to see that she really liked it. It was an orange cake with cream bouquet butter cream....that stuff is good and I don't like butter cream very much. It's covered in fondant, the little so called mug is rice crispy covered in fondant. Had fun making it, would've liked it to be nicer, but it's going to do for now. Color inspiration came from Mary Englebright (hope I got that right). Thanks for keeping up on my blog! I have an I phone, Louis Vitton diaper bag and 2 more Mario Brother cakes & cupcakes in the next 2 weeks so check them out.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Grace's disaster cake.......

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I know I should post nice cake pictures but this is one of those things you just don't forget. Yeah....cake down. After 6 hours of work on this "Kathy" purse it was approximately 3am when I was trying to move the cake to clean up some water that had spilled near the cake and the carton below just bent and the purse cake fell. This was really upsetting, I was erked. I was going to paint the buckles and little brad looking things silver and that's it. But I was determined to finish the cake and go to sleep......cake happens. So you can see what resulted of this disaster in my next post.

The result of disaster.

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So here's what came from the fallen cake. The party was that day and I had no time whatsoever to make another cake purse, at least made of cake that is. I could've done a rice crispy one but just didn't have the energy. So I was left with crown from the "Kathy" purse, and she really wanted that to be a part if her cake. So I made a pillow out of rice crispy made a trim and stuck the crown on top. Decorated the oval cake with zebra stripes and added a few flowers around the pillow and this is what I ended up with. It's alright, she liked it, but I was really looking forward to the purse. Maybe next time.

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