Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey puppy.......

Posted by Marilyn at 8:33 AM

This was a different cake experience. I'd never made a dog shaped cake before so this was a first. It's supposed to be, Lily, his french bulldog. This cake was for a doctor I work for, he was surprising his wife for her birthday. Well we started off with a scratch orange cake and creme bouquet butter cream filling. It reminds me of a orange creamsicle....mmm. Anyhow the carving part of the cake was tricky but I managed, she's edible just the head and legs aren't but her chubby little body are. I used a styrofoam head to make it light and tilted his head a bit to make her look at you like a dog does when you talk to it. For the legs I used pillars wrapped in fondant and she's sitting on her back ones. Made a pink leash around her neck and gave her a black star tag, I forgot to write her name on it, but we all know who she's supposed to look like. I then placed her on a round board and piped grass to make her look like she's sitting on the grass. Thanks for looking and hope you like her!

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