Friday, December 18, 2009

Mom's 60th Birthday cake

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So, I was finally able to upload my mom's 60th birthday cake. She's diabetic, so I tried to make a cute cake out of whipped cream, that wasn't too sweet. Sorry about picture quality it was uploaded through my cell phone. Cake was a butter vanilla cake with a raspberry mousse topped with whipped cream. I added a really big flower and a ribbon around the edge and some silver beads around the edge, piped a few swirls on top.....voila. It was really good and not to sweet. The most important was that she liked it. Thanks and keep posted for more pictures and recipes.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sopa Borracha

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Here's a Nicaraguan desert that's usually made around this time of year (Christmas). It's called, Sopa Borracha (drunk soup). Funny name but very good. I just made some to try it out since my mom doesn't know how to make it. I found a recipe from an authentic Nicaraguan article that's printed in that country. Some ingredients can only be found in Spanish markets (Pinole) and the rum used is, Flor de Cana, which is originally from Nicaragua. It has a distinct flavor so be sure to use that rum. Here goes the recipe I hope you enjoy it like my family does.
Pinol Cake/Marquesote de Pinol
2 oz butter
7 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup Pinol
1/3 cup sifted all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
Rum Syrup
2 1/4 cup sugar
3 cups water
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp lemon juice
1 cup rum (Flor de Cana)
Separate eggs/yolk. Beat whites until stiff, slowly add yolks one at a time. Slowly add sugar until well combined. Fold in pinol, sifted flour and baking powder. Grease pan (9x13) and line with parchment paper. Bake 350 x 40-45 min until toothpick comes out clean.
For syrup add sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice and water to a small saucepan and boil until it thickens into a syrup (aprox 40-45 min), once done allow to cool then add rum. Pour over cooled cake let rest for 1-2 hours (if you can preferably overnight for better flavor). Enjoy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brush embroidery

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I know it's been awhile, but I have made a few cakes just haven't posted pictures of them. This is a fairly recent one I made just this past weekend. I was asked to make a champagne colored cake with brush embroidery flowers. It was fun to do. I know I have a few things to learn to make it look perfect but I've got the idea on the brush embroidery. Vanilla cake with chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries. Very different flavor but taste pretty good. This was a small anniversary cake for a couple who will be getting married next year. I hope they choose me to do their wedding cake. I have to upload more pictures, but in the meantime thanks for looking.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just checking in!

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Sorry I've been away for awhile. I kinda took a cake break for several reasons. I am starting my bakathon next week sometime....... and eatathon. lol In the meantime I'm coming up with pumpkin goodies to bake to name a few here we go; pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin rum cakes and of course the ever so famous pumpkin roll. Well that should start next week. I hope this year goes good with all the baking. It started off good and then slowly went down maybe it will come up again. Let's hope blessings come our way! So, I have a picture or two to post put am having a bit of trouble doing that, as soon as I can do it I will upload my recent Elmo cake. Thanks for keeping posted.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Electric guitar cake

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I hope I got the idea down on this one. I know roses are supposed to be in a corner the guitar in the center or bottom and her birthday in the right hand corner. Light blue guitar and roses, this was a tres leches cake with whipped cream icing. I know in this heat and a full sheet I don't know who has space in the frig for that. I hope they did! I added a few music notes, which I don't even know if they are notes. Darn it! I didn't have a picture of the guitar she sent me but I tried. I might be missing a string or even a few knobs but the idea is there. I hope she liked it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another tejana

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My plans were so different, it was supposed to be a sombrero charro. The night before it was due I was making the embossed edge to the hat and it cracked from one side, frustrated and upset I tried to fix it. Lo and behold I get out my edible glue and as I'm holding it together I realize the center is cracking, by then I let go of the whole thing and it was just unrepairable. Upset and crying like I always do when things go wrong, I head out at 1am to buy some ready to use gum paste. I made this instead and put it up under the heating lamp for it to dry quicker, it didn't dry completely but it made it to the party...late. I hadn't had a bad cake day for awhile until yesterday. Let's not hold my breath I still have another one this week. I really was worked up though. Anyhow my husband said they liked it when it was delivered. Sorry Karina, I hope it worked out and you liked it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kingston's carnival cake

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This is Kingston's 1st birthday party cake. It was my idea to make it this way. I wanted to include various things that you would see at a carnival since that was the theme. Wasn't really sure how I was going to do it all but I did. My favorite part I have to say was the ticket booth and the little signs ...oh......and the popcorn. There something about little things/details that I like. The carousel horses erked me a bit, only because I tried to make them of white chocolate and I couldn't get them to pop out of mold nice enough so I made them of gum paste and hand painted them....(pain in the butt.) Ha ha Well I can't complain but I really liked the way it turned out and so did the parents.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

49er stork cake

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Here's one I have never done before. First time making a stork, I hope it passes for a stork? I found this picture of a stork and tried to copy it with the exception that my stork is a little fatter. Hey chubby is good! lol There's a reason why I say that.....I'm on the heavy side. Haha The idea was to have the 49 er color and a 49er theme, but I didn't want to put a 49er symbol all over, then it wouldn't look like a baby shower cake. So, I just wrote on the storks hat 49ers and on the little baby's hat. The mommy to be was having a baby boy and her theme for the nursery... I think.... was going to be niner's, or it could be just that they are huge 49er fans....not real sure. The storks body was cake and the head was gum paste and so was the baby. Vanilla cake with raspberry of my favorites. All butter cream and I used that impression mat to make it look a bit like a quilt. I hope mom to be liked it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goooool....... de Chivas

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Another Chivas cake for a cousin. I had promised her this cake for her husband since last year. It was supposed to be a Raiders last year and I was going out for my birthday and wasn't able to do it, but this year I had too, only because we have the same birthday. Happy Birthday to both of us! Chivas jersey cake with a soccer ball and a Chivas towel over the ball. I have an excuse behind that towel, I had the worse time making that dumb ball, those shapes are a hassle to get right. I have a cutter but it doesn't work as good as it should because once you try to put them on the cake they don't connect right. Long story but I just threw the fondant towel over it with a Chivas logo.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cowboy hat

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Made this one for a real good friend of ours, Chencho, he plays the accordion for, "Novillos del Norte." I was originally going to make an accordion cake but it didn't work out like that. I settled on making a cowboy hat instead. Wasn't hard at all, I thought it would be a bit more difficult than it looked. Anyhow, I got a lot of nice complements on it at the party, that's always nice. I wasn't trying to feed the whole party with it, just made it as a personal small gift for him. It was a butter pecan rum cake with a custard filling and carved in the shape of the hat. I then iced in butter cream and covered in my favorite fondant. It's all white like the original hats these guys wear nowadays and made the black ribbon around the base of the hat out of black fondant also. I added the name of the group on a edible sheet and my husband said we should've added it to the hat, I thought it would look nicer on the board but he decided on this one. Was pretty pleased with the turnout. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Raider girl.

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Another one of those bodice cakes, except in a Raiders theme. Since, I was told that the other bikini bottom was too big, I tried to make it smaller. Skimpier is always better for men, huh? lol Anyhow not too much to say about this cake really, it's very similar to the other one only for a difference in color and team..oooooh maybe this one is a little more tan.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diaper cake

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I know this is not edible but I just made it yesterday for a baby shower that I will be going to this weekend. I love diaper cakes, I had never made one before so this is another first. What's in it; full pack of newborn pampers (42), 3 brown washcloths, 4 receiving blankets, 2 pacifiers, 1 cucumber melon baby wash from Johnson's, 1 green teether and this little plush bear. I added green and brown ribbon all around to hold it together and made brown bows, I added a big bow to the top. I really like how it came out all together. Well I figured if I don't do well with edible cakes I just might turn to diaper cakes. lol This is the other scrap booker side of me, I do have other things I enjoy not just cakes, it's just too bad I don't know how to sew. I don't know what cost more a diaper cake or real cake. I spent around $50 just for this baby items and ribbon. ....well I hope she likes it, it's a boy and these are her colors for the nursery.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunflower cake & pops

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This sunflower cake order came from a real good friend of mine who wanted to get her boss a birthday cake. I guess she really likes sunflowers, so I got sunflower happy. Can you tell? The cake is a mocha cake brushed with coffee liquor and filled with chocolate cream then iced with chocolate ganache and decorated with fondant sunflowers. Very rich for my taste buds. The cake pops on the other hand are probably richer.... German chocolate cake dipped in chocolate ganache I then added that little sunflower and arranged them in a box with a cute bow and a handmade card. Aside from cakes I love scrap booking & cards.

I like cutesy stuff. I have to admit sometimes I overdo it. Yeah....I'm working on that. hahaha Looks like I'll be making another sunflower cake for the end of this week for someone else, just not chocolate. I actually made a very easy fondant/gum paste tutorial on sunflowers.....but not sure if I should post it. I realized that when I colored my fondant brown I used a bit much, since I did start from white. Well my hands still look a little brown even after the washing, I don't want people to think that they're dirty, if you know what I mean. I'll think about it. Thanks for keeping posted.

Monday, August 10, 2009


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A 1st birthday cake for a little boy who's theme was, clowns. Now, I remember back when I was little I hated clowns, they scared the living out of me. Now, when I was called for this order I just shrugged and was like, "ok." That's it. I don't really care for them anymore I guess I just haven't been around them for awhile, but back in the day my girlfriends were so into clowns. They would draw them, wear them decorate their rooms with them.....uugghh. Not me, it must have been after that movie, Clowns. Anyhow, I survived making it. Flavors were the usual (for me at least) top tier was chocolate & bottom tier vanilla with whipped cream & strawberries. I've noticed that people aren't as daring with cakes and flavors, they want the same ol' grocery store flavors. It was done in butter cream and decorated with fondant accents. Clowns were also done in fondant. When the cake was delivered to them, mom was happy, that's what counts. I really should start having people post their own comments on the cakes pretty soon your not going to believe my remarks. lol I'll keep you posted I have some interesting cakes coming up this and next month.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My first wedding cake....

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Here it is! Very simple....that's how she wanted it. Top layer is chocolate cake with chocolate mousse. Middle tier vanilla cake with raspberry white chocolate, bottom tier carrot with cream cheese filling. I love the middle tier I think that's what made me sick.....I had all the left over white chocolate...and I'm not a chocolate person. The cake was covered in white chocolate ganache and then I used fondant. I piped (I need to work on that) freehand swirls and vines, I used white chocolate to do that, it's harder to work with in my opinion because it dries so fast. I'll try royal icing next time. Otherwise, I loved white chocolate ganache, I think I'll be using that from now on instead of butter cream under my fondant. As for fondant I won't anything else than, Fondx. I love it, it's so easy to work with and soft. I'm pretty happy with the results, I could've added more color but this was what bride chose, some fuchsia would have been awesome, since those were her colors. The hall was really pretty and bright with lime and fuchsia colors, I kind of felt like the cake was so simple and didn't really stand out, although people just kept coming up to see it and take picture as I was there. I hope she liked it, that;s the most important thing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yankee girl!

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I have to say I really love this cake! First of all I love the Yankees and second I want boobs like that. lol I had a lot of good and maybe one bad remark on this one, because her bikini bottom was "too big".....of course that remark came from a guy. Oh men.....we can live without them. lol Ok, so this was for my sisters brother-in-law who was celebrating his birthday along with his 4 year old son. One cake was a fireman theme and this one of course. Well the story behind this was, when the time came to cut the cakes all the kids lined up behind this one and were all fighting over who was going to have a piece of the boob. Now what kind of kids would say something like that? Weird huh? Oh well, at least they loved it. I made this from a half sheet and carved it into this shape. Boobs are cupcakes of course (D size please). lol With a waist like that, come one? I didn't make the bottom piece smaller because I figured her boobs were already big and out there so I wanted to be a little discreet. I guess that didn't work on this cake they liked that overexposure. lol All in all everyone was happy. I hope you like it too.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bridal bouquet cake

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There something about this cake I really like. My neighbor friend ordered it for her sister as a last minute cake. Since her theme is hydrangeas for her wedding, I decided to make it into a wedding bouquet. I'm also making her wedding cake this weekend but we've changed the look so there will no longer be hydrangeas on it but we're still using lime green ribbon and going for a traditional look. I was told they really liked it and it was a simple vanilla cake with whipped cream, I used butter cream to make hydrangea bouquet, I also tried mixing the pink and green to make it look more realistic color wise. Anyhow, I hope you liked it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tinkerbell cakes

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These 2 cakes were for a 1st birthday party. The large cake was a half sheet with an edible image in butter cream, the small cake was a smash cake for the birthday girl to just do whatever she wanted too with, this cake was also butter cream. I added a Tinkerbell on the side of the cake, just like in the bigger cake. I took the pictures in the same house with the same camera and I hate the lighting in my house, it's so dark for pictures. I want a new house! Hahahaha Kidding I love my house!

I just need a better camera. Anyhow I got an email back from them and they really were happy with it and said it taste good! That makes a baker happy. I'm lovin it........ I love my cakes can really tell in my size. Hahaha I have other cake pictures so keep posted.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christening dress cake

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Here it is, the christening cake. I know it's not your typical white dress. The day before it was due I get a call from the baby's father who goes on to tell me that he wants the cake to be lavender. Well everything was all white, so I had to go back and color the little bows and make the cake itself the same color. Not your typical christening cake, but it's still cute. I really liked the turnout and so did the parents and guests at the party. I finally got my Fondx in and got to try it for the first time. I loved the flavor and it's so easy to work with. I was rolling it thin for the dress so it would tear here and there, but I got used to the texture and was able to do it right. The shoes, hat and rosary I made out of gum paste a few days ahead. It all turned out pretty smooth this time around, usually I have some trouble here and there. Can't complain! Thanks for keeping posted.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

JJ's Graduation cake

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Here's the tres leches I made for my nephew. I like the turn out, so far it hasn't oozed out from the bottom. Well I figured if you overdo it like they do in the Mexican bakeries then that's when it happens. I don't like mine really wet to begin with so this should be good. I will let you know what it's like when we cut it. This cake here is a 12" round, for some reason I really like round cakes, maybe because I can't get crisp perfect corners on my square cakes. lol That's sounds true though, at least I can be honest with myself and straight forward with others. The borders I did with butter cream and I did this little ruffle at the bottom before piping the yellow shell, I'd always wanted to try that. I figured I would on one of my own family cakes, in case I mess up it's just family. Ha ha I also found these boards that I set this cake on at Party City in the cake area, I love them. Not to bad price wise and saves from covering regular boards and you get that scalloped edge. Nice huh? Anyhow got to get to the other cake, Bye!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Authentic Tres Leches cake & recipe

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I'm not a huge fan of these cakes, I'll have it here and there but I have come across a very good recipe and just had to share it with you. I'm making a tres leches cake for my nephew tomorrow (preschool graduation). I have started to make the cake and soak it with the milks then put it in the refrigerator today so I can decorate it tomorrow. That's how it should be done, so that you give it plenty of time to soak in and grab all the flavor. So this cookbook I got from Mexico, well not me but a relative brought it as a gift. I've added a little rum extract to mine, you don't have too, but since I'm not adding a filling I wanted to do that. So here it goes and I really hope you try it, very easy to make and really good too.


Vanilla Genoise (cake)

8 eggs (separated)
2 0z. butter room temp (1/2 stick)
3/4 cup sifted flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

Tres leches:

1 1/2 cups of evaporated milk
1 1/2 cups of condensed milk
1 cup of half & half
1/3 cup rum or 1 tbs rum extract (optional)

Chantilly Cream

2 cups of whipping cream
8 tbs of powdered sugar (sifted)
1/2 tbs vanilla extract

Directions for Genoise:

In a mixer on high speed beat (balloon whisk) egg whites until stiff peaks form. Remove from mixer and set aside in a separate bowl. In your mixer on high speed again beat (balloon whisk) your yolks and sugar and mix until thick & creamy, add vanilla and butter. Sift your flour and baking powder in another bowl. Slowly fold dry ingredients and yolk mixture into egg whites, alternating them until well combined. Grease and flour 8" pan and bake on 350 for 30-40 minutes. Using a toothpick in center to check if it's done. Remove and let cool on cooling rack.

Directions for Tres Leches:

Combine all 3 milks and rum (optional) in a blender and blend on medium speed for 30 seconds.
Once your cake has cooled return to baking pan and prick with a toothpick/skewer. Slowly add your milk using a large spoon to push down on cake so that milk is absorbed into cake. Once you've done that cover top of pan with foil and put in refrigerator overnight.

Directions for Chantilly cream:

In a mixer on high speed (balloon whisk) beat together heavy cream, sugar and vanilla until stiff peaks form. You are now ready to turn your cake over onto a covered board and decorate using the Chantilly cream. You can add fresh fruit topping to your cake if you'd like or decorate it any way you want. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gumpaste baby shoes

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I made these gum paste shoes and have posted a tutorial. It's not the best because I was only allowed 5 pictures so I chose the best ones. This picture shows you a plain little baby shoe, but in the back you can see what I've done with the other 2 pairs. I've added a little bow to one pair and some little flowers to another pair, all of gum paste. I did attach accessories as they were drying but not hard. I know, I get a little impatient and want it all done fast. You can also color the fondant to any color you choose, I made them all white because I have a christening cake this weekend and still don't know what shoes I want to add to the cake. Hmmm Since I don't like plain baby girl shoes, I feel like I have to add something to these ones, they're too plain. I will also add a link for you to get the pattern to make these shoes. I found it on Cake Central here it is: Hopefully it works, just click on it and it should take you to the template, you can right click on the picture and save it to your computer then later print it out. You can use any gum paste of your choice, I used the Wilton recipe on the back of Gum Tex can. Real simple and it dries real fast too, you can find it on Wilton's website if you need it. You can also click on the You Tube videos I have posted down below and see Edna do her famous gum paste. She's good at what she does and while your at it check out all her other videos. Well nice talking to you and hope you enjoyed it! I promise I'll post my cakes for this weekend as soon as I finish them. Bye!

Baby shoe tutorial

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These are the things you will need. Cotton, patterns, edible glue,
rolling pin, spatula, thin paint brush, craft knife, veiner & gum paste.

Roll out your gum paste aprox 8/16" (thick as a pita bread).
This piece is the sole (bottom) of shoe. Use the same pattern
just flip it over to cut out the left foot.

*Note:You don't have to let it dry before applying the upper part of the shoe. I find it easier to do it as soon as I cut it out.

Roll this part of gum paste 4/16" (thick as a flour tortilla.)
After cutting smooth any rough edges with your fingertips.

Using a small brush and some edible glue (Tylose & water)
brush around the edge of the sole all around. Be careful not to get the bottom or it will stick to your mat.

Wrap the upper part of the shoe around the front first before
doing the sides and back. Add a little glue to the side of the shoe
to close the seam. Using your the veiner tool, gently push the upper part under the shoe to smooth it out.

I wish I could've been able to post more pictures on this tutorial but I was only allowed 5 pictures, so I chose these ones. I felt that these were a little more self explainable. Hope you find it helpful and it works out for you. You can always ask me any questions, I will answer any of them you have.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

123...Elmo cake

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Gabby's birthday cake. This is for an old school friend's daughter. I made their daughter's christening cake and they loved it so this was another order (hopefully they have enough). I hope they like it. It's a marble cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Whipped cream icing and used a little butter cream for the borders, I needed the bright colors. I made the street sign in her name and the number/letters out of fondant. Since fondant and whipped cream don't go well together I used a little butter cream under each letter and sign to keep it from melting. I made Elmo, poor Elmo he looks like Cookie monster in disguise. lol He was make from rice krispy treats and covered in butter cream. I couldn't find my fur tip, so I just used my spatula. He's a little heavier looking than he should be but nowadays he looks normal. lol Just kidding! Thanks for keeping posted!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hot Wheels for a baby shower?

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Pretty weird request, but coming from, Michelle, I'm not surprised. So her brother's having a baby boy next month (well not her brother but his girlfriend) and they are into Hot Wheels. Since Michelle couldn't figure out the theme she just bought 3 different color blue decorations so that's how the cake got it's colors. I know Hot Wheels are usually royal blue, orange, yellow...and so on. On the other hand this is what she wanted and my job is to make it. I came home to another disaster when I was going to start my fondant. For the life of me I tried to save it and it just didn't dried out and would crack no matter how much shortening I used. I just about died at 3am when I gave up. Got up at 6am and did what I could with the ever so famous butter cream. It turned out ok considering it was supposed to be fondant. I hope she likes it and they enjoy it. Top tier was chocolate chip cake with chocolate butter cream. Middle tier was vanilla cake with cream cheese filling. Bottom tier was chocolate cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have to get it!

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This is a must see cake DVD. Sharon really has lot's to show on how to make these perfect, bows & bows, she really is a perfectionist. They are so nice and really don't even look like a cake. I mean if someone showed up to a party with something like this you would probably try to unwrap it, that good! She has a whole set of different DVDs she's made, I have a couple of others too but this one is one of my favorites. I really am tempted to just make one for myself just to try. Hmmmm Maybe next month because this month I don't even have time to breathe. I have a couple of cakes this month and juggling time with kids, home and everything else is driving me crazy. But I like that rush, it keeps me going. I'll leave you with a link to her site so you can see what she has, her DVDs are really good and very thorough. Her cakes are so neat and pretty you have to see them, you can even check out her blog. Here's the link
Talking about not breathing, this is a pretty busy month and am so hoping it stays this way. I've extended my vacation in August for a last minute wedding cake August 8th. But I'm really looking forward to all the good things that come my way. What a blessing! Just had to share it with you. As soon as I make them I'll post those pictures for you to see! Keep in touch, I know I will!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Skater dude

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Yeah dude, it was a last minute really, dude. lol My neighbor came over and asked if I could do a last minute cake for a nephew. He really likes skateboards or is into boarding. I really couldn't figure it out until I headed down to the store and my kids made me realize that "Teck Decks" are in. I hope I spelled it right. Well any 12 year old knows what I mean right. Sorry I'm just not that "in" right now with the kids latest toy trends. I still think Elmo is so cute and my baby likes it and so do I. Half chocolate, half banana cake with custard filling. I hope they enjoyed it. The birthday boy really likes banana cake and they don't usually have it at grocery chain bakeries unless you go to a scratch baker. Well not much more to say I know, picture isn't the greatest, but I am really saving up to get myself an awesome Nikon and will be snapping like crazy when I do get it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oakland A's.....

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Really not a fan. Yankee girl here! My good friend ordered this cake for her nephew, poor child doesn't know any better. Ha ha Just kidding! He really wanted a baseball theme cake, since they were really impressed by the tall round cake they tried at another birthday party. Yay me! I like to hear things like that. It's all whipped cream, chocolate cake with fresh bananas and whipped cream.Airbrushed again and used some graham cracker for the dirt, good ol' sweet dirt. Pretty tall cake, 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling. My son was jealous since I made it the day of his birthday and didn't even make him a cake. Bad mommy! I know, I have to make it up to him. With the exception that his will be grand, spectacular, awesome...ok now. At least we'll try huh. Well hope you liked it, regardless of the team. Go Yankees!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Where's my balloon whisk?

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I was going "kooky" here looking for my whisk. Yeah, you shouldn't leave things at children's I know why. My little man loves to get his hands on whatever is sweet in the kitchen. I had just removed my bowl from the mixer to add the color and I took off the whisk to throw it in the sink but I must have left it on the counter, because it ended up in his hands. As you can tell he doesn't mind licking it not one bit. I was a bit hesitant to post this picture, I don't want anyone to think we go around licking the whisk and just reusing without it get soaked in real hot soapy water before I actually even wash it. My flat beater too, it's actually chipping. Time to order another one. Just thought I would show you how he tries to help in the kitchen to avoid all the cleanup. lol He can be asleep and if he hears my mixer go on he's there in a heartbeat, he loves any cream I make especially butter cream. What can I say, I have sweet kids!

Zoo theme baby shower

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Have you ever had one of those not brain farts days but body fart days? I mean where you try to do something and no matter how hard you try your body just doesn't let you, well Sunday was one of those days. I know I should post the good, bad and the ugly of my cakes and I do and I'm honest with myself too. I was in such a time crunch since I had 2 cakes for this past weekend. Just out of surgery and no ac in my home.....yeah.....I did say body fart right. Well I just couldn't hold it together. And you know what hurts is that I try to do things even when I'm not 100% and I still can, but literally I wanted to cry and give up I pushed it a little over the edge this time around. I said I was going to do it and I did, wish it would've looked the way I wanted too but it didn't. I did apologize through an email and offered to make the next cake special, so we'll see what happens. I made figures out of mm fondant, freehand. It was a white cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream covered in butter cream. Only figures were fondant. So there's a giraffe, monkey, elephant and a zebra which were on the crib bedding I tried to copy. Colors were tan and greens, in this area to give you a better idea. I just wanted to add more little things here and there and my writing...oh my hand were shaking. When that cake left my house I collapsed on my bed and was out for a few hours, without any ac and I didn't even feel it. Next time around I'm just going to have to say I can't, when I don't feel up to it. When it comes to cakes I can't say no, I love making them, but now I realize health comes first. I'll post the other cake later. Thanks again!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Quinceanera cake

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The cake turned out well and she really like it. But dumb me didn't take any pictures at home since they weren't set up on the stands, so dumb me takes off to deliver it and when I get there I realize I don't have a camera. What else is new? I'm surprised my head is still hanging on. So, I asked the professional photographer to snap a few pictures and tell me when she gets them so I can buy them from her. This is all I was able to take with my cheap cell phone. There were 7 cakes total and they all looked the same with the exception that the butterflies were scattered around differently on all the cakes and the cakes were all at different heights on their stands. I actually really like that I was able to get smooth butter cream cakes (without fondant) and used the diamond impression mat. Since it was the first time using the mat, it turned out well. I added the fuchsia ribbon at the bottom and then just added the butterflies. Everyone really liked the cake especially the quinceanera. Eventually when I get the professional picture (hopefully in the next month) I will post the big picture of the whole thing. In the meantime you can use your bright imagination on what it would look like. lol

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eva's cake

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Not entirely what I was going for, but I guess it's what's gonna do. I was going to use Eva's invitation picture on the cake. So, I went to my scanner, downloaded the picture and print. To my surprise my dumb printer is out of ink, I ended up with colorful lines all down the whole picture...yeah... not for Eva. scrap booking head kicked in and I started cutting out flowers, circles and stripes. I was shooting for turquoise and lime green and eventually I did some purple to match paper underneath the cake. I was pretty frustrated that I ended up with scrap page cake and no picture.....but where was I going to get ink at the last minute? Anyways, this was her graduation/birthday cake in one. She just graduated from CVCA and it's also her birthday. I was so proud of her she always strive to do her best and was always helping her brothers at the same time. She really is a good girl and know she will do whatever she sets her mind to. Congrat's Eva! She wanted a red velvet cake with cream cheese. I have to say it's my first, I tried a scratch recipe...never again. That was the most dog gone awful cake I have ever tried. So good ol' me made it from a box. That was a different story and much better. It must be something from the south. lol Anyhow it turned out, just have to hear from her to see how they liked it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


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This was a done deal, I had originally said I couldn't do it because I was scheduled for surgery yesterday, but it was I called her back and was wondering if she still needed it. She goes on to tell me that she had some weird luck that every time she went to the bakery for some reason either the baker had left early or just wasn't in. I had said no at one point, then the bakery kept asking her to come back until I came to the rescue. lol No really she was happy that I had called back. She thought she was never going to find her son's dinosaur theme cake. I hope she likes it. It's a 3/4 sheet cake half vanilla the other chocolate with whipped cream and strawberries. I used butter cream since it was going to be at the park and it's going to be warm today no refrigeration was available. I suggested butter cream. Airbrushed the top and used crushed graham cracker to look like dirt/sand. I used toy dinosaurs and palm trees, piped a little green around and made a little water pond. Hopes it was what she was expecting. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kindergarten class cake

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I was finally able to see my daughter's kindergarten teacher, who by the way... is the best teacher. I hadn't seen her in awhile, I so missed her and so did Kayla. So, I mentioned to her that I would do her graduation cake for her kindergartners. I was happy and started to think of what I could possibly do that, Costco, wouldn't. Since that's where she was going to order it in first place, I had to make it better! Well so I think I did. I wanted the chalkboard look with the list of kids names and a piece of chalk, crayons, apple and eraser. I so vividly remember the alphabet strip that goes over the chalkboard, it reminds me when I was in kinder.....actually I still remember my teacher's name, Mrs. Berkel. Wow, I'm old! Well that's it really, used same techniques, airbrush and fondant accessories. Hope they enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fucshia butterflies

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Guess what? I'm so happy...I was able to find some butterflies in the color I want and all ready to insert into the cake. I came across this store on eBay that has these butterflies in every specie you can think of and any color, if it's not on her chart just send her the color and she matches it. You gotta love these people man. Well I found my color and they are very reasonable.....she ships out the next day too. Can't wait. This here in NOT a cake I made but I just posted this picture to show you what they would look like. I hope you like them as much as I do. I'll be needing them for a quinceanera cake this month, so I'll post those pictures when I'm all done with the cake. I will post link so that you can check them out and she does international orders too. Here it is Thanks for peeping!

Krone chopper cake

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When they called to see if I could make a chopper cake, I was like "cool a motorcycle...airbrush, black and silver, chrome parts." She was like, no, it's like a tractor. Oh...that. Yeah, what about it? Then I figured if I made a dog why not a tractor right? Wrong....this was a pain in the butt cake. I learned alot of wrong before right while making it. I told myself I undercharged and I worked myself out, leaving no energy for the other cakes I have to do. So maybe a few days sleep will make up for it, since I was up until 2:30am working on it. I really just wanted to give up and say something like, "The dog ate it, sorry!" If that didn't work in school do you really think it would work with her? By the way everyone knows the dogs not allowed in the house. Never mind. I carved and this time I didn't fill it because her son really didn't want to eat it he just want to show it to his friends and co-workers, who by the way are Krone and John Deere manufacturers. This is his line of work and he does it well. So he wants to have it until Friday just on a table to show off, he's real into this type of stuff, if you know what I mean. I tried and gave it my all and that's it! I don't want to see another tractor! lol It's a chocolate pound cake covered in fondant, all decorations are marshmallow fondant as well. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big things come in small packages

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This is one of those 2 tier mini pans, I picked up at a cake store. I think their cute, but they're a pain in the rear to cover in fondant or even frost. I would not make 200 of these cakes for a wedding and if I did I would charge an arm & a leg. I had some left over cake mix and poured a bit in this pan to make this mini cake. I think small things are more time consuming than a larger cake. But, I do think they are cuter in some sense. I remember watching that cake show on WE and the cake girls had like 200 of these cakes, they were pissed off and irritated with the long hours it look and had to hire extra people to come in and help make'em. In the end, they said they had charged too little money and would never do these again. I just made one and feel their pain. lol Thanks for tuning in on my cake gossip.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mmmmm...Cake pops

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These are cake pops for those who might think they're truffles. With the exception that I made them a little different. They are an excellent little bite size treat, but for those who know's not enough. lol I had some left over cake pieces that I cut off my last cake so this was the result of that. I had always wanted to try them and...... voila cake pops. I'm to thrilled about dipping the whole pop, so I made cake balls and melted my white chocolate, "a la lazy" micro style, then put it in a parchment bag and drizzled it over my semi frozen pops. I made mini chocolate ribbon roses and just stuck'em on the top of pop then just added this little gingham ribbon. These would be cute for a bridal shower or really any party. I was going to do a bunch of different styles, but with 2 kids always pulling at you for something, it doesn't always work out. They do taste as good as they look, worse part is that you can eat and eat and not get full. So if your on a diet or trying to avoid sweets don't try this! lol Seriously DON'T! If you want to learn how to do them, I'll try to attach the link to this You Tube video on how to do them. Thanks!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another pretty book

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I can't wait to get it. It's not a new book but it sure is worth it. I was in Michael's and went over to the book section and browsed through some cake and cupcake stuff, but this book was the best. It really has pretty pictures and some really nice ideas and good stuff in it. So I didn't have $30 when I was in the store and you can't use your coupon on books.....arrgh. So, I came home and I usually buy books at Border's or even Amazon. In this case I looked and searched until I found it for $18. Yeeeah me! Wait did I sound like London from Suite Life of Zach & Cody? lol My daughter watches too much Disney channel. Well, as soon as I get it I'll browse through and try to make something from it. I have a really big project in June, a cake for 350 people. That's a first for me I'll be up all week that week when it's due. So far, this is all I know 350 guest, all chocolate cakes, fuchsia/magenta/gold, butterflies, stripes...I think that's it at least for now. The rest is up to me. I guess I need to step into creativity mode. Ha Post op, we'll see how that goes. Thanks for peeking. Have a nice weekend! I'm trying too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Congrat's Grad!

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This really was a last minute cake. Got one of those wake up calls, you now the ones you hate to wake up and find out you have to work. lol No really, I didn't want to get it, but I figured maybe it's good news. Well good because I needed to do it, but I was so wasted, not feeling good and really tired. I hope it doesn't show in the cake. This was for another co-workers relative, who's graduating from high school. Purple cap with yellow/gold tassel. I airbrushed (again) the whole thing. Chocolate cake with custard filling, fondant overlay. They thought it was cool, hopefully everyone at the party likes it. I think I need a cake break, and need to sleep for a few days.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Corona bottle cake

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Thought about this one for awhile, it was a first for me. I guess it turned out. Lemon cake with vanilla butter cream filling and covered in fondant. Lime is also fondant sprinkled in sugar to look like salt. Who has a Corona without a lime and salt? Ha ha Well I hope he likes it, it's actually for my sis-in-law's coworker. He really likes Corona's, I guess it's what he always orders at the bar. Small cake just looks big in the picture, but really only feed 10-12 people. Wasn't as hard as I thought. Carved it freehand and used an edible image I got from Google. I love my edible printer it does anything I want it to.....that is if it's not copyright....dang it, smart printer! Well I hope you like it, I made this in place of beer bucket. Sorry guys.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby clothesline

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Simple baby shower cake I made for my sister's family. I guess it's a family & friends month. She's having a boy and I've always wanted to do clothesline cake, I think it's cute to see baby clothes hanging. I have a stamp set that I love and have made little cards and invitations out of that looks just like it. Well at least I can say I made one. I would have preferred to make a round one with a little basket on top of the cake.....aawww. Well maybe on another occasion. This was a vanilla cake with pina colada filling and it was a butter cream frosting. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My doc's cake........

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This was a special request from my doctor's wife. He has so many interest. For one he's a doctor and a good one too, second he's into golfing (what doctor doesn't like golf), third wildflowers and I added the last his french bulldog (Lily). So I tried to incorporate all his likes into his cake. I made this wildflower book, and a doctor bag with a stethoscope, golf ball, ball picks (whatever they're called), golf club and of course some poppy's. Oh did I I phone with his dogs picture. We have a small story behind that...he loves this dog...maybe .....more than his grand kids. lol No kidding, I say that because we once asked if he had any pictures of his grand kids on his phone to share and as he scrolling through his picture we couldn't help to notice that picture after picture after picture were Lily (his dog) so total of 68 pictures and not one of his grand kids. So we laugh about that in the office. Well this weekend I had 3 cakes to turn in, all were okay but this one....yeah the longest hours of cake making come down to nothing in the end. I just wanted to give up on cakes.....I cried and chewed myself out. The bag's back side started to come apart in this 102 degrees heat. So the handle broke off and the cake was so moist and the cherry filling doesn't help to stabilize either. Well it just didn't do well.....until Alrie just said those magic words....Don't worry it's great, couldn't have been better! I love her, I wish all clients were like her! I know we all have bad days. End of story... this is what it looked like before the damage. I hope they enjoyed it!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rugby Ball

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Congrat's, Chris Naegele! This was for my friends son who played with Humboldt State Rugby for a few years. Well he graduates this weekend and this was his cake. Chocolate cake with amaretto butter cream covered in a dulce de leche fondant. The Jack's Logo is an edible sheet. I used those stupid, Tappit, cutouts of which drove me crazy. I think those dumb things took longer than the darn cake....and still not good enough. Well this is it! I'm checking them off my list for cakes this month. I have 6-8 left for this month so far, I feel like I'm on a bakathon. Just baking, not eating!

Let's play...Operation!

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This was a fun cake to make, it reminds me of my childhood. I even bought my kids the newer version which then was Shrek and you'd have to pull his ear wax and all.......yum. ?!%$* Maybe not on a cake. So this one is for my doctor's at the clinic they both have birthdays this month, so I decided to make a little cake for them, and my boss decided on the theme. She thought they would get a kick out of it. I made a lemon almond pound cake with a whipped lemon cream. I tried a few new things this time around. Lorann oils & airbrushing the whole cake. I have the hardest time unclogging my airbrush, thanks to some members on Cake Central I unclogged it. I was under the impression the so called cleaner did all that, but "NO" you have to take the darn thing apart and gently and patiently (I don't have that) clean it. So after almost going through all my red to get this result I've decided maybe coloring the butter cream would be easier than spraying it. Well at least the tweezers came out okay. Should've used those on my eyebrows. lol Kidding! Thanks for keeping up on my blog, I will have plenty of cakes this weekend to post, I've just been busy with other things and cakes.

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