Monday, June 29, 2009

Zoo theme baby shower

Posted by Marilyn at 5:04 PM

Have you ever had one of those not brain farts days but body fart days? I mean where you try to do something and no matter how hard you try your body just doesn't let you, well Sunday was one of those days. I know I should post the good, bad and the ugly of my cakes and I do and I'm honest with myself too. I was in such a time crunch since I had 2 cakes for this past weekend. Just out of surgery and no ac in my home.....yeah.....I did say body fart right. Well I just couldn't hold it together. And you know what hurts is that I try to do things even when I'm not 100% and I still can, but literally I wanted to cry and give up I pushed it a little over the edge this time around. I said I was going to do it and I did, wish it would've looked the way I wanted too but it didn't. I did apologize through an email and offered to make the next cake special, so we'll see what happens. I made figures out of mm fondant, freehand. It was a white cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream covered in butter cream. Only figures were fondant. So there's a giraffe, monkey, elephant and a zebra which were on the crib bedding I tried to copy. Colors were tan and greens, in this area to give you a better idea. I just wanted to add more little things here and there and my writing...oh my hand were shaking. When that cake left my house I collapsed on my bed and was out for a few hours, without any ac and I didn't even feel it. Next time around I'm just going to have to say I can't, when I don't feel up to it. When it comes to cakes I can't say no, I love making them, but now I realize health comes first. I'll post the other cake later. Thanks again!

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