Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eva's cake

Posted by Marilyn at 7:57 PM

Not entirely what I was going for, but I guess it's what's gonna do. I was going to use Eva's invitation picture on the cake. So, I went to my scanner, downloaded the picture and print. To my surprise my dumb printer is out of ink, I ended up with colorful lines all down the whole picture...yeah... not for Eva. scrap booking head kicked in and I started cutting out flowers, circles and stripes. I was shooting for turquoise and lime green and eventually I did some purple to match paper underneath the cake. I was pretty frustrated that I ended up with scrap page cake and no picture.....but where was I going to get ink at the last minute? Anyways, this was her graduation/birthday cake in one. She just graduated from CVCA and it's also her birthday. I was so proud of her she always strive to do her best and was always helping her brothers at the same time. She really is a good girl and know she will do whatever she sets her mind to. Congrat's Eva! She wanted a red velvet cake with cream cheese. I have to say it's my first, I tried a scratch recipe...never again. That was the most dog gone awful cake I have ever tried. So good ol' me made it from a box. That was a different story and much better. It must be something from the south. lol Anyhow it turned out, just have to hear from her to see how they liked it.

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