Monday, June 29, 2009

Where's my balloon whisk?

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I was going "kooky" here looking for my whisk. Yeah, you shouldn't leave things at children's I know why. My little man loves to get his hands on whatever is sweet in the kitchen. I had just removed my bowl from the mixer to add the color and I took off the whisk to throw it in the sink but I must have left it on the counter, because it ended up in his hands. As you can tell he doesn't mind licking it not one bit. I was a bit hesitant to post this picture, I don't want anyone to think we go around licking the whisk and just reusing without it get soaked in real hot soapy water before I actually even wash it. My flat beater too, it's actually chipping. Time to order another one. Just thought I would show you how he tries to help in the kitchen to avoid all the cleanup. lol He can be asleep and if he hears my mixer go on he's there in a heartbeat, he loves any cream I make especially butter cream. What can I say, I have sweet kids!

Zoo theme baby shower

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Have you ever had one of those not brain farts days but body fart days? I mean where you try to do something and no matter how hard you try your body just doesn't let you, well Sunday was one of those days. I know I should post the good, bad and the ugly of my cakes and I do and I'm honest with myself too. I was in such a time crunch since I had 2 cakes for this past weekend. Just out of surgery and no ac in my home.....yeah.....I did say body fart right. Well I just couldn't hold it together. And you know what hurts is that I try to do things even when I'm not 100% and I still can, but literally I wanted to cry and give up I pushed it a little over the edge this time around. I said I was going to do it and I did, wish it would've looked the way I wanted too but it didn't. I did apologize through an email and offered to make the next cake special, so we'll see what happens. I made figures out of mm fondant, freehand. It was a white cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream covered in butter cream. Only figures were fondant. So there's a giraffe, monkey, elephant and a zebra which were on the crib bedding I tried to copy. Colors were tan and greens, in this area to give you a better idea. I just wanted to add more little things here and there and my writing...oh my hand were shaking. When that cake left my house I collapsed on my bed and was out for a few hours, without any ac and I didn't even feel it. Next time around I'm just going to have to say I can't, when I don't feel up to it. When it comes to cakes I can't say no, I love making them, but now I realize health comes first. I'll post the other cake later. Thanks again!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Quinceanera cake

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The cake turned out well and she really like it. But dumb me didn't take any pictures at home since they weren't set up on the stands, so dumb me takes off to deliver it and when I get there I realize I don't have a camera. What else is new? I'm surprised my head is still hanging on. So, I asked the professional photographer to snap a few pictures and tell me when she gets them so I can buy them from her. This is all I was able to take with my cheap cell phone. There were 7 cakes total and they all looked the same with the exception that the butterflies were scattered around differently on all the cakes and the cakes were all at different heights on their stands. I actually really like that I was able to get smooth butter cream cakes (without fondant) and used the diamond impression mat. Since it was the first time using the mat, it turned out well. I added the fuchsia ribbon at the bottom and then just added the butterflies. Everyone really liked the cake especially the quinceanera. Eventually when I get the professional picture (hopefully in the next month) I will post the big picture of the whole thing. In the meantime you can use your bright imagination on what it would look like. lol

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eva's cake

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Not entirely what I was going for, but I guess it's what's gonna do. I was going to use Eva's invitation picture on the cake. So, I went to my scanner, downloaded the picture and print. To my surprise my dumb printer is out of ink, I ended up with colorful lines all down the whole picture...yeah... not for Eva. scrap booking head kicked in and I started cutting out flowers, circles and stripes. I was shooting for turquoise and lime green and eventually I did some purple to match paper underneath the cake. I was pretty frustrated that I ended up with scrap page cake and no picture.....but where was I going to get ink at the last minute? Anyways, this was her graduation/birthday cake in one. She just graduated from CVCA and it's also her birthday. I was so proud of her she always strive to do her best and was always helping her brothers at the same time. She really is a good girl and know she will do whatever she sets her mind to. Congrat's Eva! She wanted a red velvet cake with cream cheese. I have to say it's my first, I tried a scratch recipe...never again. That was the most dog gone awful cake I have ever tried. So good ol' me made it from a box. That was a different story and much better. It must be something from the south. lol Anyhow it turned out, just have to hear from her to see how they liked it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


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This was a done deal, I had originally said I couldn't do it because I was scheduled for surgery yesterday, but it was I called her back and was wondering if she still needed it. She goes on to tell me that she had some weird luck that every time she went to the bakery for some reason either the baker had left early or just wasn't in. I had said no at one point, then the bakery kept asking her to come back until I came to the rescue. lol No really she was happy that I had called back. She thought she was never going to find her son's dinosaur theme cake. I hope she likes it. It's a 3/4 sheet cake half vanilla the other chocolate with whipped cream and strawberries. I used butter cream since it was going to be at the park and it's going to be warm today no refrigeration was available. I suggested butter cream. Airbrushed the top and used crushed graham cracker to look like dirt/sand. I used toy dinosaurs and palm trees, piped a little green around and made a little water pond. Hopes it was what she was expecting. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kindergarten class cake

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I was finally able to see my daughter's kindergarten teacher, who by the way... is the best teacher. I hadn't seen her in awhile, I so missed her and so did Kayla. So, I mentioned to her that I would do her graduation cake for her kindergartners. I was happy and started to think of what I could possibly do that, Costco, wouldn't. Since that's where she was going to order it in first place, I had to make it better! Well so I think I did. I wanted the chalkboard look with the list of kids names and a piece of chalk, crayons, apple and eraser. I so vividly remember the alphabet strip that goes over the chalkboard, it reminds me when I was in kinder.....actually I still remember my teacher's name, Mrs. Berkel. Wow, I'm old! Well that's it really, used same techniques, airbrush and fondant accessories. Hope they enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fucshia butterflies

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Guess what? I'm so happy...I was able to find some butterflies in the color I want and all ready to insert into the cake. I came across this store on eBay that has these butterflies in every specie you can think of and any color, if it's not on her chart just send her the color and she matches it. You gotta love these people man. Well I found my color and they are very reasonable.....she ships out the next day too. Can't wait. This here in NOT a cake I made but I just posted this picture to show you what they would look like. I hope you like them as much as I do. I'll be needing them for a quinceanera cake this month, so I'll post those pictures when I'm all done with the cake. I will post link so that you can check them out and she does international orders too. Here it is Thanks for peeping!

Krone chopper cake

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When they called to see if I could make a chopper cake, I was like "cool a motorcycle...airbrush, black and silver, chrome parts." She was like, no, it's like a tractor. Oh...that. Yeah, what about it? Then I figured if I made a dog why not a tractor right? Wrong....this was a pain in the butt cake. I learned alot of wrong before right while making it. I told myself I undercharged and I worked myself out, leaving no energy for the other cakes I have to do. So maybe a few days sleep will make up for it, since I was up until 2:30am working on it. I really just wanted to give up and say something like, "The dog ate it, sorry!" If that didn't work in school do you really think it would work with her? By the way everyone knows the dogs not allowed in the house. Never mind. I carved and this time I didn't fill it because her son really didn't want to eat it he just want to show it to his friends and co-workers, who by the way are Krone and John Deere manufacturers. This is his line of work and he does it well. So he wants to have it until Friday just on a table to show off, he's real into this type of stuff, if you know what I mean. I tried and gave it my all and that's it! I don't want to see another tractor! lol It's a chocolate pound cake covered in fondant, all decorations are marshmallow fondant as well. Hope you like it!

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