Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kindergarten class cake

Posted by Marilyn at 7:40 PM
I was finally able to see my daughter's kindergarten teacher, who by the way... is the best teacher. I hadn't seen her in awhile, I so missed her and so did Kayla. So, I mentioned to her that I would do her graduation cake for her kindergartners. I was happy and started to think of what I could possibly do that, Costco, wouldn't. Since that's where she was going to order it in first place, I had to make it better! Well so I think I did. I wanted the chalkboard look with the list of kids names and a piece of chalk, crayons, apple and eraser. I so vividly remember the alphabet strip that goes over the chalkboard, it reminds me when I was in kinder.....actually I still remember my teacher's name, Mrs. Berkel. Wow, I'm old! Well that's it really, used same techniques, airbrush and fondant accessories. Hope they enjoy it!

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