Saturday, January 31, 2009

Soccer ball cake

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Ok, so I decided to make this soccer cake for my husbands godson and I really thought a soccer ball would almost be like a puzzle just connect them.....uuuuh no. Well I guess I should have started by having the proper hexagon cutting thingy, but no I didn't so I had to cut around it to get it to look like a hexagon. Anyways I got a little impatient and was running short on time so then I remember a soccer ball (of course better) with a scarf around it in a book I bought, so there I go, so I wouldn't have to keep cutting out any more weird shapes. So this is what I ended up with. Not exactly what I wanted but it's what's going to have to do. Good thing is I finished it on time. Wheeew..... I like to take my time on my cakes but I just didn't have it this time. Maybe next time thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zebra stripe cake

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I just made this today for a nurse at my old job. It was her 50th Birthday so I thought this would be just perfect for her. It's a spice cake (which is her favorite) with cream cheese filling, covered also in cream cheese with fondant stripes and ribbon roses. It was actually really good and moist, the most important thing is that she really liked it and everyone who has a piece loved it. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that people like my work. I know my work isn't perfect but I sure try to make it look as nice as I can. I'm actually pretty pleased with my work on this one, this really was my idea and work together. If only cream cheese crusted a little better than maybe I could've said it's was perfect, but on the other hand it was actually very creamy. Hmmmm I don't mean to sound difficult. Like London says, " Yeah me!"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Teddy Bear Shower cake

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This is just another baby shower cake. Not my inspiration but my hard, back breaking, treacherous work. Just kidding! A good friend of my mom's found this cake on Cake Central and really liked it, so she asked if I could do it for her. I did what she asked and here it is. Well maybe it's not as perfect and pretty as the real one, but she sure thought so, as long as she's happy who's to care. I thought it would be harder than I expected but I managed, it wasn't that bad. Everything you see is edible but the straws holding up top layer, well unless the cake is that good that you never even noticed the straws. Ha No really, I guess the best part of the whole cake thing is getting to eat the scraps and oh the left over this case......fresh strawberries with fresh whipped cream.....mmmmm. Wasn't hungry till I said that, well I guess I'm going to have to finish the scraps and work on my other project. Thanks for keeping posted.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Virgen Mary

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This particular cake was done for the traditional, Nicaraguan Purisima. It a full sheet cake and I couldn't get an edible image for this huge cake, so I used this picture of Mary and had it laminated and just set it on the cake. I added flowers all around to cover up the sides of the picture. It was a hit everyone really liked the cake and it was so moist I just kept picking at it. I'd never done a cake of this nature but I don't think it will be the last either. Picture isn't that great but the cake was so big and the glare of the laminate didn't help, so this is what I was able to get from it. You pretty much have an idea though. I googled for ideas and never found a cake done of Mary so it's pretty much my own creation. Hope it something different that you might like.

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