Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prego cake....

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This was one of my projects for this busy week. It's a Tuesday shower and she's having a girl, so that's what daddy to be said. This one is a bit different from the other preggy cake I made, with some glitches here and there but I guess it's going to work for now. I only have 20 other orders to go for rolls and cakes.

These are the cupcake favors that go with the cake. The flowers are exactly the same so they compliment each other good. They were in a small clear box wrapped in a organdy ribbon and the tag read, "Bun in the oven." Hope you like them.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Purple ornament cookies

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I now love purple. I found this cookie idea, of course nothing like the one who first designed them but I tried. I thought they were cute and different for the holidays. We always see red and green everywhere so I decided to go with purple Christmas ornament cookies. Everything but the ribbon is edible, it's just for looks. Bought the box plain and stamped it all over (Stampin up stamp set) and put some ribbon and a tag. Voila, this is what I ended it up with. Hope you like it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby girl in pink....

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I love these, makes me want to have a baby. Every things always cuter for girls than they are for boys. But, I can still make boy cookies to look cute, I mean clothes wise. So, here's the other batch of my tryouts I made they would be for baby shower favors, you can also put these cookies on sticks and make centerpieces or just a simple gift for mommy to be. You can mix up colors and have lavender or turquoise or even blue for a little boy. Well I hope you like em. One of these days if I can get around to it, I have to make a tutorial on how I decorate these. Hmmm, whenever I'm not too busy. Like maybe in the next year or so.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here comes the bride....

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I was in a cookie mode today, these were just some of 20 others I decided to pull out of the cookie bucket and just make. I used fondant on the cake and long dress with royal icing decorations. As for the dove (I love) and the heart dress I only used royal icing. I like the fondant on the cookie because it's so easy to wipe off if you mess up or just didn't like it, whereas the royal you just have to keep it or throw it or eat it. Of course in my house everything gets eaten. Well I'll post a few tomorrow when I get done with them. I'm also having camera issues, I think I should start asking Santa (my husband) for one. Yeay me!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rum Cakes & Pumpkin Rolls.....

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This is what people are asking for. The famous rum cake and my pumpkin rolls. I am swamped with orders for these two things for next week. I'm supposed to make a turkey along with dessert but at this point, I think I'll be driving through Mc Donald's for Thanksgiving. lol Well atleast I'm busy and not twiddling my fingers at home wishing I had something to bake for a purpose and not to eat what I baked out of boredom. Well thanks to all who placed those orders Christmas is coming so soon and I need to start my other stuff soon. Here's a picture of what they look like before they are eaten to pieces. Should I mention that I do use real rum and I don't even drink while I'm baking. It's solely for baking.....I said baking. And I don't stick my fingers in the made from scratch cream cheese filling for the rolls...nope not me.

The rum cakes have pecans on top and have a butter rum glaze that's poured over cake when it's still warm. You let in sit in it's glaze and it just absorbs all the rum.....mmmmm. They really do taste good, sometimes I wish we could a sample things online just click and taste. Maybe in 2050. Bye now!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

K loves M

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Just made these cupcakes. They didn't last too long my kids devoured them. I'm glad someone likes my stuff. lol I've been wanting to try writing in chocolate and adding as a cupcake topper. Can't remember where I saw it but I liked it. Paper is scrapbooking paper from (Stampin Up) and just added a grosgrain ribbon and... there you have it! Ok, so if I was asked to marry someone with a cupcake in their hand I would probably eat the cupcake first then say, "Yes!"

Saturday, November 15, 2008

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Ok, so this was my first attempt at making a Coach diaper bag. With all the help and tips from my Cake Central friends I think it came out ok. I guess the only pain was getting the C's to look exactly the same. But I managed to pull it off. Well I had a bit of trouble here and there but I guess when the customer's happy then who cares. It was a vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling, and all the rest is fondant. If you can see I made a blanket, socks, beanie, bib and a little pacifier all from fondant too. This was for a friends baby shower who didn't really know what she was having, but she's a Coach freak. Congratulations Mari, who just had her baby boy last week.

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