Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jersey cakes

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These were 2 cakes I made for a party, and each birthday person has their own favorite team. So I made a, Chivas, (soccer jersey) and a, Cowboys, jersey as well. They were both of butter cream with fondant accents. I used my printer again for the Chivas logo and for the Cowboys stars on the side of the arms....of course you cant see them. Well better luck I'm still in search of a better camera. I've been using my cell phone for all these pictures. Give it up for the cell phones!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I want a fondant cake tomorrow!

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I really wasn't in the mood for a last minute cake but I did it anyways. Hey...sometimes you just have to do these things. In my situation I think I can be lying in my death bed and still get up to make a cake. lol Anyhow a friend called me last minute and decided she wanted a little fondant cake for her birthday. She'd always wanted a fondant cake, she told me when when she went to order a cake for her wedding in the catalog she requested a certain cake (not to big) then when she picked it up it wasn't what she had ordered, at least not fondant. Anyways this is what she wanted this is what she got. She was happy. Marble cake with fresh strawberries and cream covered in marshmallow fondant. All decorations and accessories are fondant. Keep posted I'm working on 2 cakes and they are both sports jerseys.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby bud

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This here is a baby shower cake I made for a friend of mine. I bought this little cake decor from Deco Pac, it's so cute. It only comes in yellow and since she was having a boy it worked out good. It's a (non-dairy) whipped cream that I tried for the first time, I actually like it, easy to work with and taste good (Flavor Right). Best part no frig required, wheeew.... it was at a park and it's a full sheet.... no cooler was going to have space for this cake. I also got to use my airbrush for the first time. I was pretty happy and it's easy to use, I think I'll be using more of it on my cakes. Well I really wanted to take a big bite of this cake since it was a marble cake with fresh strawberries and the whipped this heat it sounds good to me. This Deco Pac stuff is cute and it's easy just add and decorate around it, I think I'll be ordering more of these little things and changing it up. Yeah this hand making stuff with gum paste is getting time consuming, I guess for the real nice cakes we'll do that. Well can't use fondant on whipped topping stuff too so never mind.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flan de crema

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Well, since we didn't do anything special for Easter but clean house and be lazy. I treated myself and kids to, Flan de crema. I got the recipe from a friend some time back and I make my flan like this all the time. It's a hit and everyone really likes it. I will post the recipe for you guys to make and tell me how you like it.
Recipe for Flan de crema
1 can evaporated milk
1 can condensed milk
1 cup of whole milk
6 eggs
1 box (8oz) of cream cheese
1 cup granulated sugar for syrup
Pre-heat to 375.
In a blender, blend all ingredients except sugar until smooth. In the meantime in a small saucepan put in your 1 cup of sugar on med-high until it turns into syrup (do not add water).
Syrup should be a caramel color. Once done immediately pour syrup into your baking pan coating the entire bottom. Now you can add the blended ingredients to the pan. Cover top of pan tightly with foil and cook in bain marie (double broiler method) making sure the water in the bottom comes up halfway to the flan pan. Cook for 1 hour. Once done, remove from oven let cool before putting in refrigerator for 2 hours. Serve chilled.

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