Friday, June 3, 2016

Gordo's Accordion cake

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Move over Gabbanelli! I'm taking over your business. This was a very special cake for me. It was my oldest son's 20th birthday cake. After all these years of making cakes, I had never made him one or my other kids a birthday cake..that's sad. I was always so worried about the food and decor that I never made them a cake we ordered it from other places. On this note he's an accordion player and has been since he was 8 years old, now going on 21. Seeing him so excited like WOW.....that's a cake mom? Made me feel so good about it. It was time consuming but I tried to make a replica of his real accordion. He was so happy with it he didn't allow to touch or cut it and kept it for weeks. Happy mom!

Minion cake

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I love these guys. This little guys is all cake and only thing paper was his party hat. Toby's 2nd birthday cake. This minion is going to have his cake and eat it too! Fun cake to make I didn't want to give him up, was hoping they wouldn't show up for it. Not minion!

Raider Nation

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Another one of those Raider cakes. This was a shield with fondant decorations. Actually, I did drew his face freehand with edible markers. Pretty impressed didn't know I can draw ugly faces. I sure did! Thanks Pam, glad Josh loved it!

Odd cakes...Cast Away

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This was little different, yeah not to cute. Some of you may know what it is. I didn't know what I was doing when they said, Cast Away. Nope, never seen the movie.... please explain. So the idea was a volleyball like in the movie but we had to add pink hair sticking up.Pink hair because they were having a little girl and it's also dad's birthday. Okay, in that case cotton candy was all I can think of. I kept looking at it like, how is this going on top of a cake? Really? Well it could have been worse, I've seen weirder stuff on cakes we won't get into. They seemed to have been very pleased since it had a meaning in this couples life and was a big thing for them. Glad they liked it.

Joselyn's Frozen party!

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My little great niece's Frozen theme cake. I didn't take pictures of it alone. What was I thinking? Bad picture of cake but cutest picture of her so happy to cut it. All whipped cream and toy figures were bought online. Whipped cream isn't always the best stuff to work with but taste so good. I wish all cakes were whipped and would be so stable for anything, especially fondant.

Raiderette cake

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21st birthday cake for a good friend's son. Gosh they are all grown up. Once they hit that age it's all about boobs. We tried to please him. No Raider logo (not a fan). Really, I'm not but that's not why. He decided he wanted the players number on her boob and his name on bikini bottom. So we just kept the colors going. If it works for you than me too. Happy 21st Birthday Gilbert!

Vegas theme cake!

Posted by Marilyn at 11:52 AM 0 comments's been years since I've blogged. If I only really had time to get to it. Oh the good old days of being home and just making cakes and being crafty. But then life happens and we have to work a real job stuck at a desk and no more baking time. It becomes a side job. So sad but true. Anyhow let me share a few pictures of what I've been doing this whole time. Here's Vegas baby..... This cake was for an 18th birthday party who decided on Vegas. All edible with exception of cards. I had just received my new printer opened it and was ready to print the cards. Big fail, we've all had those days where nothing is always right. Especially me! Printer "malfunction" but in the end new deck of cards did function. Like, Ben Israel, says "I cheated is not unique you didn't make it yourself". Yeah well sorry but in the end it worked. Yay!


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