Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Electric guitar cake

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I hope I got the idea down on this one. I know roses are supposed to be in a corner the guitar in the center or bottom and her birthday in the right hand corner. Light blue guitar and roses, this was a tres leches cake with whipped cream icing. I know in this heat and a full sheet I don't know who has space in the frig for that. I hope they did! I added a few music notes, which I don't even know if they are notes. Darn it! I didn't have a picture of the guitar she sent me but I tried. I might be missing a string or even a few knobs but the idea is there. I hope she liked it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another tejana

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My plans were so different, it was supposed to be a sombrero charro. The night before it was due I was making the embossed edge to the hat and it cracked from one side, frustrated and upset I tried to fix it. Lo and behold I get out my edible glue and as I'm holding it together I realize the center is cracking, by then I let go of the whole thing and it was just unrepairable. Upset and crying like I always do when things go wrong, I head out at 1am to buy some ready to use gum paste. I made this instead and put it up under the heating lamp for it to dry quicker, it didn't dry completely but it made it to the party...late. I hadn't had a bad cake day for awhile until yesterday. Let's not hold my breath I still have another one this week. I really was worked up though. Anyhow my husband said they liked it when it was delivered. Sorry Karina, I hope it worked out and you liked it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kingston's carnival cake

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This is Kingston's 1st birthday party cake. It was my idea to make it this way. I wanted to include various things that you would see at a carnival since that was the theme. Wasn't really sure how I was going to do it all but I did. My favorite part I have to say was the ticket booth and the little signs ...oh......and the popcorn. There something about little things/details that I like. The carousel horses erked me a bit, only because I tried to make them of white chocolate and I couldn't get them to pop out of mold nice enough so I made them of gum paste and hand painted them....(pain in the butt.) Ha ha Well I can't complain but I really liked the way it turned out and so did the parents.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

49er stork cake

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Here's one I have never done before. First time making a stork, I hope it passes for a stork? I found this picture of a stork and tried to copy it with the exception that my stork is a little fatter. Hey chubby is good! lol There's a reason why I say that.....I'm on the heavy side. Haha The idea was to have the 49 er color and a 49er theme, but I didn't want to put a 49er symbol all over, then it wouldn't look like a baby shower cake. So, I just wrote on the storks hat 49ers and on the little baby's hat. The mommy to be was having a baby boy and her theme for the nursery... I think.... was going to be niner's, or it could be just that they are huge 49er fans....not real sure. The storks body was cake and the head was gum paste and so was the baby. Vanilla cake with raspberry filling....mmm...one of my favorites. All butter cream and I used that impression mat to make it look a bit like a quilt. I hope mom to be liked it!

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