Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big things come in small packages

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This is one of those 2 tier mini pans, I picked up at a cake store. I think their cute, but they're a pain in the rear to cover in fondant or even frost. I would not make 200 of these cakes for a wedding and if I did I would charge an arm & a leg. I had some left over cake mix and poured a bit in this pan to make this mini cake. I think small things are more time consuming than a larger cake. But, I do think they are cuter in some sense. I remember watching that cake show on WE and the cake girls had like 200 of these cakes, they were pissed off and irritated with the long hours it look and had to hire extra people to come in and help make'em. In the end, they said they had charged too little money and would never do these again. I just made one and feel their pain. lol Thanks for tuning in on my cake gossip.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mmmmm...Cake pops

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These are cake pops for those who might think they're truffles. With the exception that I made them a little different. They are an excellent little bite size treat, but for those who know's not enough. lol I had some left over cake pieces that I cut off my last cake so this was the result of that. I had always wanted to try them and...... voila cake pops. I'm to thrilled about dipping the whole pop, so I made cake balls and melted my white chocolate, "a la lazy" micro style, then put it in a parchment bag and drizzled it over my semi frozen pops. I made mini chocolate ribbon roses and just stuck'em on the top of pop then just added this little gingham ribbon. These would be cute for a bridal shower or really any party. I was going to do a bunch of different styles, but with 2 kids always pulling at you for something, it doesn't always work out. They do taste as good as they look, worse part is that you can eat and eat and not get full. So if your on a diet or trying to avoid sweets don't try this! lol Seriously DON'T! If you want to learn how to do them, I'll try to attach the link to this You Tube video on how to do them. Thanks!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another pretty book

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I can't wait to get it. It's not a new book but it sure is worth it. I was in Michael's and went over to the book section and browsed through some cake and cupcake stuff, but this book was the best. It really has pretty pictures and some really nice ideas and good stuff in it. So I didn't have $30 when I was in the store and you can't use your coupon on books.....arrgh. So, I came home and I usually buy books at Border's or even Amazon. In this case I looked and searched until I found it for $18. Yeeeah me! Wait did I sound like London from Suite Life of Zach & Cody? lol My daughter watches too much Disney channel. Well, as soon as I get it I'll browse through and try to make something from it. I have a really big project in June, a cake for 350 people. That's a first for me I'll be up all week that week when it's due. So far, this is all I know 350 guest, all chocolate cakes, fuchsia/magenta/gold, butterflies, stripes...I think that's it at least for now. The rest is up to me. I guess I need to step into creativity mode. Ha Post op, we'll see how that goes. Thanks for peeking. Have a nice weekend! I'm trying too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Congrat's Grad!

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This really was a last minute cake. Got one of those wake up calls, you now the ones you hate to wake up and find out you have to work. lol No really, I didn't want to get it, but I figured maybe it's good news. Well good because I needed to do it, but I was so wasted, not feeling good and really tired. I hope it doesn't show in the cake. This was for another co-workers relative, who's graduating from high school. Purple cap with yellow/gold tassel. I airbrushed (again) the whole thing. Chocolate cake with custard filling, fondant overlay. They thought it was cool, hopefully everyone at the party likes it. I think I need a cake break, and need to sleep for a few days.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Corona bottle cake

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Thought about this one for awhile, it was a first for me. I guess it turned out. Lemon cake with vanilla butter cream filling and covered in fondant. Lime is also fondant sprinkled in sugar to look like salt. Who has a Corona without a lime and salt? Ha ha Well I hope he likes it, it's actually for my sis-in-law's coworker. He really likes Corona's, I guess it's what he always orders at the bar. Small cake just looks big in the picture, but really only feed 10-12 people. Wasn't as hard as I thought. Carved it freehand and used an edible image I got from Google. I love my edible printer it does anything I want it to.....that is if it's not copyright....dang it, smart printer! Well I hope you like it, I made this in place of beer bucket. Sorry guys.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby clothesline

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Simple baby shower cake I made for my sister's family. I guess it's a family & friends month. She's having a boy and I've always wanted to do clothesline cake, I think it's cute to see baby clothes hanging. I have a stamp set that I love and have made little cards and invitations out of that looks just like it. Well at least I can say I made one. I would have preferred to make a round one with a little basket on top of the cake.....aawww. Well maybe on another occasion. This was a vanilla cake with pina colada filling and it was a butter cream frosting. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My doc's cake........

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This was a special request from my doctor's wife. He has so many interest. For one he's a doctor and a good one too, second he's into golfing (what doctor doesn't like golf), third wildflowers and I added the last his french bulldog (Lily). So I tried to incorporate all his likes into his cake. I made this wildflower book, and a doctor bag with a stethoscope, golf ball, ball picks (whatever they're called), golf club and of course some poppy's. Oh did I I phone with his dogs picture. We have a small story behind that...he loves this dog...maybe .....more than his grand kids. lol No kidding, I say that because we once asked if he had any pictures of his grand kids on his phone to share and as he scrolling through his picture we couldn't help to notice that picture after picture after picture were Lily (his dog) so total of 68 pictures and not one of his grand kids. So we laugh about that in the office. Well this weekend I had 3 cakes to turn in, all were okay but this one....yeah the longest hours of cake making come down to nothing in the end. I just wanted to give up on cakes.....I cried and chewed myself out. The bag's back side started to come apart in this 102 degrees heat. So the handle broke off and the cake was so moist and the cherry filling doesn't help to stabilize either. Well it just didn't do well.....until Alrie just said those magic words....Don't worry it's great, couldn't have been better! I love her, I wish all clients were like her! I know we all have bad days. End of story... this is what it looked like before the damage. I hope they enjoyed it!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rugby Ball

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Congrat's, Chris Naegele! This was for my friends son who played with Humboldt State Rugby for a few years. Well he graduates this weekend and this was his cake. Chocolate cake with amaretto butter cream covered in a dulce de leche fondant. The Jack's Logo is an edible sheet. I used those stupid, Tappit, cutouts of which drove me crazy. I think those dumb things took longer than the darn cake....and still not good enough. Well this is it! I'm checking them off my list for cakes this month. I have 6-8 left for this month so far, I feel like I'm on a bakathon. Just baking, not eating!

Let's play...Operation!

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This was a fun cake to make, it reminds me of my childhood. I even bought my kids the newer version which then was Shrek and you'd have to pull his ear wax and all.......yum. ?!%$* Maybe not on a cake. So this one is for my doctor's at the clinic they both have birthdays this month, so I decided to make a little cake for them, and my boss decided on the theme. She thought they would get a kick out of it. I made a lemon almond pound cake with a whipped lemon cream. I tried a few new things this time around. Lorann oils & airbrushing the whole cake. I have the hardest time unclogging my airbrush, thanks to some members on Cake Central I unclogged it. I was under the impression the so called cleaner did all that, but "NO" you have to take the darn thing apart and gently and patiently (I don't have that) clean it. So after almost going through all my red to get this result I've decided maybe coloring the butter cream would be easier than spraying it. Well at least the tweezers came out okay. Should've used those on my eyebrows. lol Kidding! Thanks for keeping up on my blog, I will have plenty of cakes this weekend to post, I've just been busy with other things and cakes.

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