Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big things come in small packages

Posted by Marilyn at 3:51 PM

This is one of those 2 tier mini pans, I picked up at a cake store. I think their cute, but they're a pain in the rear to cover in fondant or even frost. I would not make 200 of these cakes for a wedding and if I did I would charge an arm & a leg. I had some left over cake mix and poured a bit in this pan to make this mini cake. I think small things are more time consuming than a larger cake. But, I do think they are cuter in some sense. I remember watching that cake show on WE and the cake girls had like 200 of these cakes, they were pissed off and irritated with the long hours it look and had to hire extra people to come in and help make'em. In the end, they said they had charged too little money and would never do these again. I just made one and feel their pain. lol Thanks for tuning in on my cake gossip.

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