Sunday, May 17, 2009

My doc's cake........

Posted by Marilyn at 11:05 PM

This was a special request from my doctor's wife. He has so many interest. For one he's a doctor and a good one too, second he's into golfing (what doctor doesn't like golf), third wildflowers and I added the last his french bulldog (Lily). So I tried to incorporate all his likes into his cake. I made this wildflower book, and a doctor bag with a stethoscope, golf ball, ball picks (whatever they're called), golf club and of course some poppy's. Oh did I I phone with his dogs picture. We have a small story behind that...he loves this dog...maybe .....more than his grand kids. lol No kidding, I say that because we once asked if he had any pictures of his grand kids on his phone to share and as he scrolling through his picture we couldn't help to notice that picture after picture after picture were Lily (his dog) so total of 68 pictures and not one of his grand kids. So we laugh about that in the office. Well this weekend I had 3 cakes to turn in, all were okay but this one....yeah the longest hours of cake making come down to nothing in the end. I just wanted to give up on cakes.....I cried and chewed myself out. The bag's back side started to come apart in this 102 degrees heat. So the handle broke off and the cake was so moist and the cherry filling doesn't help to stabilize either. Well it just didn't do well.....until Alrie just said those magic words....Don't worry it's great, couldn't have been better! I love her, I wish all clients were like her! I know we all have bad days. End of story... this is what it looked like before the damage. I hope they enjoyed it!

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