Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mmmmm...Cake pops

Posted by Marilyn at 3:35 PM

These are cake pops for those who might think they're truffles. With the exception that I made them a little different. They are an excellent little bite size treat, but for those who know's not enough. lol I had some left over cake pieces that I cut off my last cake so this was the result of that. I had always wanted to try them and...... voila cake pops. I'm to thrilled about dipping the whole pop, so I made cake balls and melted my white chocolate, "a la lazy" micro style, then put it in a parchment bag and drizzled it over my semi frozen pops. I made mini chocolate ribbon roses and just stuck'em on the top of pop then just added this little gingham ribbon. These would be cute for a bridal shower or really any party. I was going to do a bunch of different styles, but with 2 kids always pulling at you for something, it doesn't always work out. They do taste as good as they look, worse part is that you can eat and eat and not get full. So if your on a diet or trying to avoid sweets don't try this! lol Seriously DON'T! If you want to learn how to do them, I'll try to attach the link to this You Tube video on how to do them. Thanks!

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