Monday, May 23, 2011

Dominique's 19th Birthday

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Here's my niece's last minute birthday cake. I really don't like doing last minute cakes because they never turn out right but I guess it turned out good. The most important thing is she liked it! I have to admit I did make a huge mistake.....funny she's really 19 not 18 I don't know what I was thinking but I was off a whole year. Anyhow the purse was made from rice krispies covered in fondant and all the makeup is chocolate.I have to say I really like those chocolate molds and have never really used them until just this weekend. I have so many of them too. Looks like I'll be using more chocolate accessories from now on, it's much easier than gum paste. Flowers were made from gum paste. She loves chocolate so the cake is chocolate cake with Oreo cookie filling iced in vanilla butter cream. Hope you like I have another cake I'm working on for this weekend so keep posted. Thanks!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another belly cake

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Here's another belly cake I recently made for my niece, Jessica's, baby shower. She wanted a belly cake so bad for her shower. This one was very simple bottom cake was chocolate with whipped cream and fresh strawberries and used a white scalloped board for belly base, because we all know fondant doesn't do well on whipped cream. Anyhow -not a hard cake to make but would've wanted to add more decorations to the cake and it wasn't going to work, also she was having a boy so I didn't have all the "pretty" options. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Best Book..............

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Some time ago I was at, Big Lot's, looking for some containers and I stumbled upon the book area because I like to read and cook. To my surprise I found this book and skimmed through it and thought to myself....I would love to try these recipes. So 2 years have gone by and guess what I just opened it and tried one for the first's the best. So easy to follow with pictures and detailed instructions. I'm soooo loving it right now. I made the vanilla smells good and taste even better. This cake has the nicest texture, flavor and is wonderful. And the best part was that I only paid like $5 for the book when it cost like $40. Yeah I know.....why did I wait so long to open it. I'm very sure you can find it on, Amazon, for close to that price, even if it's more it's worth it. Some recipes include cakes, breads, custards, glazes, icings, phyllo pastries the list goes on and it's doesn't call for 1,000 ingredients if you know what I mean.It has so much useful information on conversions and measurements, how to do things the right way, forget taking a pastry chef course if you have the book and can follow it then your set. If your a visual learner then your outta luck. Well I guess I must say I'm going gourmet all fresh and all from scratch even if cost me more but it taste so much better! Hope you guys can find a copy of your own. I will attach the link for Amazon looks like they have used ones starting at $11.06 plus shipping. Great deal!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cupcake liners

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Looks like cupcakes are really in, so what did I cupcake liners? I went cupcake crazy stopped by the store and saw all the cute liners they had and couldn't resist but to spend on more cake stuff. You know I'm going to make a little suggestion only because it happen to me recently, before you go out trying to find the right cupcake liner on ebay or other sites....try your local cake store or craft store like Michael's. I just ordered a few online and spent a little to much on a pack of liners and went on over to Michael's and found the same darn thing for 1/4 of the price. So I was pretty ticked when I found them there but relieved because now I know where to, for what I need. Anyhow I will be making cupcakes to give you guys ideas and try to do something that matches each of these liners....eventually no rush okay.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Damask Daisy Cupcake Tower

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So I finally did it.......150 + cupcakes on this stand. This was a cupcake tower I did for a family member's First Communion. She wanted a damask print to match invitations but she also wanted daisies involved, so this is what I came up with. Made the styrofoam stand (4 tiers), top cake is a huge cupcake followed by 150 + cupcakes varying from vanilla, chocolate, carrot and lemon topped with butter cream and a gum paste daisy on each cupcake. Used silk flowers for decoration on the stand. It was a success I was very happy with the turnout and most importantly she was too. So next month looks like I'll be pretty busy with cakes I have 2 wedding cakes some graduation stuff and also birthdays. If I can get around to posting pictures as soon as I'm done then you"ll get to see what I've been up to. Thanks again and keep posted.

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