Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Best Book..............

Posted by Marilyn at 8:04 PM

Some time ago I was at, Big Lot's, looking for some containers and I stumbled upon the book area because I like to read and cook. To my surprise I found this book and skimmed through it and thought to myself....I would love to try these recipes. So 2 years have gone by and guess what I just opened it and tried one for the first's the best. So easy to follow with pictures and detailed instructions. I'm soooo loving it right now. I made the vanilla smells good and taste even better. This cake has the nicest texture, flavor and is wonderful. And the best part was that I only paid like $5 for the book when it cost like $40. Yeah I know.....why did I wait so long to open it. I'm very sure you can find it on, Amazon, for close to that price, even if it's more it's worth it. Some recipes include cakes, breads, custards, glazes, icings, phyllo pastries the list goes on and it's doesn't call for 1,000 ingredients if you know what I mean.It has so much useful information on conversions and measurements, how to do things the right way, forget taking a pastry chef course if you have the book and can follow it then your set. If your a visual learner then your outta luck. Well I guess I must say I'm going gourmet all fresh and all from scratch even if cost me more but it taste so much better! Hope you guys can find a copy of your own. I will attach the link for Amazon looks like they have used ones starting at $11.06 plus shipping. Great deal!

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