Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another tejana

Posted by Marilyn at 11:20 AM
My plans were so different, it was supposed to be a sombrero charro. The night before it was due I was making the embossed edge to the hat and it cracked from one side, frustrated and upset I tried to fix it. Lo and behold I get out my edible glue and as I'm holding it together I realize the center is cracking, by then I let go of the whole thing and it was just unrepairable. Upset and crying like I always do when things go wrong, I head out at 1am to buy some ready to use gum paste. I made this instead and put it up under the heating lamp for it to dry quicker, it didn't dry completely but it made it to the party...late. I hadn't had a bad cake day for awhile until yesterday. Let's not hold my breath I still have another one this week. I really was worked up though. Anyhow my husband said they liked it when it was delivered. Sorry Karina, I hope it worked out and you liked it!

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Anonymous said...

Marilyn, even though you had to go through the troubled sombrero charro incident, let me tell you that your tejana cake was an absolute hit at our party! When the cake arrived everyone was so curious to see it, and no one could believe me when i told them it was edible.... =) They were fascinated!
It was absolutely amazing in taste and look--it was perfect!! Everyone wanted to know where I got it from because they thought it was so neat!
Thanks so much for being able to make this for us on such a short notice!
Can't wait to work with you again!

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