Monday, June 22, 2009

Quinceanera cake

Posted by Marilyn at 9:53 AM

The cake turned out well and she really like it. But dumb me didn't take any pictures at home since they weren't set up on the stands, so dumb me takes off to deliver it and when I get there I realize I don't have a camera. What else is new? I'm surprised my head is still hanging on. So, I asked the professional photographer to snap a few pictures and tell me when she gets them so I can buy them from her. This is all I was able to take with my cheap cell phone. There were 7 cakes total and they all looked the same with the exception that the butterflies were scattered around differently on all the cakes and the cakes were all at different heights on their stands. I actually really like that I was able to get smooth butter cream cakes (without fondant) and used the diamond impression mat. Since it was the first time using the mat, it turned out well. I added the fuchsia ribbon at the bottom and then just added the butterflies. Everyone really liked the cake especially the quinceanera. Eventually when I get the professional picture (hopefully in the next month) I will post the big picture of the whole thing. In the meantime you can use your bright imagination on what it would look like. lol

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