Monday, June 29, 2009

Where's my balloon whisk?

Posted by Marilyn at 9:12 PM

I was going "kooky" here looking for my whisk. Yeah, you shouldn't leave things at children's I know why. My little man loves to get his hands on whatever is sweet in the kitchen. I had just removed my bowl from the mixer to add the color and I took off the whisk to throw it in the sink but I must have left it on the counter, because it ended up in his hands. As you can tell he doesn't mind licking it not one bit. I was a bit hesitant to post this picture, I don't want anyone to think we go around licking the whisk and just reusing without it get soaked in real hot soapy water before I actually even wash it. My flat beater too, it's actually chipping. Time to order another one. Just thought I would show you how he tries to help in the kitchen to avoid all the cleanup. lol He can be asleep and if he hears my mixer go on he's there in a heartbeat, he loves any cream I make especially butter cream. What can I say, I have sweet kids!

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