Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goooool....... de Chivas

Posted by Marilyn at 8:00 PM
Another Chivas cake for a cousin. I had promised her this cake for her husband since last year. It was supposed to be a Raiders last year and I was going out for my birthday and wasn't able to do it, but this year I had too, only because we have the same birthday. Happy Birthday to both of us! Chivas jersey cake with a soccer ball and a Chivas towel over the ball. I have an excuse behind that towel, I had the worse time making that dumb ball, those shapes are a hassle to get right. I have a cutter but it doesn't work as good as it should because once you try to put them on the cake they don't connect right. Long story but I just threw the fondant towel over it with a Chivas logo.

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amazing!![: do youu put recipes or like how to's??

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