Friday, July 3, 2009

Skater dude

Posted by Marilyn at 9:39 AM

Yeah dude, it was a last minute really, dude. lol My neighbor came over and asked if I could do a last minute cake for a nephew. He really likes skateboards or is into boarding. I really couldn't figure it out until I headed down to the store and my kids made me realize that "Teck Decks" are in. I hope I spelled it right. Well any 12 year old knows what I mean right. Sorry I'm just not that "in" right now with the kids latest toy trends. I still think Elmo is so cute and my baby likes it and so do I. Half chocolate, half banana cake with custard filling. I hope they enjoyed it. The birthday boy really likes banana cake and they don't usually have it at grocery chain bakeries unless you go to a scratch baker. Well not much more to say I know, picture isn't the greatest, but I am really saving up to get myself an awesome Nikon and will be snapping like crazy when I do get it.

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