Friday, March 20, 2009

Louis Vuitton diaper bag cake

Posted by Marilyn at 9:08 PM

It's one of those, "I wish I has a real one," things. This is my version of a Louis Vuitton cake that my sissy in law's supervisor ordered. It was a surprise cake so it's actually small, more of a decorative purpose because they ordered another cake to eat. Not that my cakes aren't good...but because it was a surprise. Now I am not a big fan of fondant as I have mentioned before but this is good stuff. I bought some caramel vanilla swirl marshmallows and made the fondant out of that on a marble cake. It's like eating dulce de leche. It's sooo good! Maybe it's just me!?^%$#@ No really.......sooooooo good. Louis design monograms were hand painted with gold luster and Tequila...sorry didn't have Vodka. It's just as good. Freehand work because I didn't have any fancy stencils or stuff like that. I think that's what took the longest. Baby's name is going to be Tristen and his theme is turtles and starfish, in light green and blue. So we incorporated those on the cake. Blanket has a turtle and I made some star toys and put them in side pocket. Little beanie has a star on it too. And last but no least his name on the blanket.

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