Friday, March 13, 2009

Rita's Teapot

Posted by Marilyn at 4:08 PM

I was finally able to upload this picture. My camera wasn't working so Olivia took the picture on her cell phone, if it doesn't look to clear you know why. I made this for one of favorite nurses where I work part time. She's a big tea drinker (Earl Grey) of course. Well she was very surprised and never expected a cake like this. It made me happy to see that she really liked it. It was an orange cake with cream bouquet butter cream....that stuff is good and I don't like butter cream very much. It's covered in fondant, the little so called mug is rice crispy covered in fondant. Had fun making it, would've liked it to be nicer, but it's going to do for now. Color inspiration came from Mary Englebright (hope I got that right). Thanks for keeping up on my blog! I have an I phone, Louis Vitton diaper bag and 2 more Mario Brother cakes & cupcakes in the next 2 weeks so check them out.

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