Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here cupcake....

Posted by Marilyn at 2:49 PM

Who said cupcakes? These are normal still a bit small for me but they are supposed to be a normal cupcake size. Ha They are covered in marshmallow fondant and embossed with a rubber stamp. These so happen to be rubber stamps I have from my huge collection of, Stampin Up.The wrapper is also scrap paper I cut out and added a little organdy bow. So easy to do and cute too. I really thought that the fondant would stick to stamp but with the help of a little Crisco on the stamp it didn't. Ideas are endless if you want to emboss because there are so many stamps to choose from and you can wash them or rinse them when your done. These were new sets I hadn't used by the way on paper so I'll just set them aside for this purpose. Now the only one that I didn't emboss with a stamp was the multiple hearts with a red and pink heart that's just a small heart fondant cutter. I still like the other effect. I will post a how-to do this after this post to give you an idea. Thanks for looking.

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